A battery with voltage drop of 120V is connected in a ciruit containing both series and parallel. Moving in a clockwise direction. R1= 3 ohms. Suddenly there is a connection of point A to point B. In between these two points is a parallel circuit with R2= 10 ohms and R3=2ohms on the top(these two are in series with each other). On the bottom of the rectangle there is a parallel circuit consisting of R4= 20 ohms and R5= 5 ohms. After point B is one more resistor R6= 6 ohms. (So the image is one large rectange and on the top length of the rectange are all of the resistor. With R1 on the far left and R6 on the far right. Between R1 and R2 is anohter rectange, where on the top length are R2 and R3(in series with each other). Then there is one more small square on the bottom length of the second rectange where R4 and R5 are in parallel with each other. )Find the voltage drop and current across each resistor.

I know that the voltage drop between points A and B is 30V because I know that V-total - V1 - V-6 = the voltage drop between point A and B.

What are the current and voltage drop of the other remaining resistors(R2, R3, R4, and R5)?V=IR
I have been trying for hours to solve this problem but I just can't get the right answer. I can only figure out the information for R1(10A and 30V) and R6(10A and 60V). Can you help me with the rest?

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  1. can you post a drawing on the web? If so, please repost. You will have to put spaces in your web address, as in

    w w w. P i c t u r e H e r e. c o m

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