maths literacy,business studies, tourism, economic

which career can I study with this subjects after grade12......
<3 heeeeeeeeeeeeelp!

asked by S`hlelwe....

    Read widely. There are many.

    posted by Writeacher
  2. Business accounting economic maths literacy types of carrer field with those subject

    posted by Vuyisa mgcuwe
  3. Chattered acc0untant

    posted by Ayanda
  4. what can i be if i did these subjects

    posted by Anonymous
  5. what career

    posted by bukhosi
  6. what course can i do when am doing maths lit,business studies,L.O,economics,tourism

    posted by bukhosi
  7. U cn be an accountant

    posted by Anonymous
  8. lawyer

    posted by theo
  9. u must work at an the administration

    posted by perseverance
  10. Can I study futher for tourisme

    posted by chantel
  11. Help me get rude of this in final please help and show me the proper course for me that I will be doing

    posted by dipsy
  12. tourism and hospitality

    posted by tumelo
  13. if i study those subjects what career i can do?

    posted by nelisiwe
  14. What kind of work can i get one day with this subjects and what is the salary?

    posted by ROBIN
  15. What can i become if i choose these subjects? Plz anyone!!!

    posted by Burton louw
  16. mathslit.busines.studei.economic.tourism.zulu.english.l.o

    posted by nomasonto.dlamini
  17. What can i be if i did this subject

    posted by Dimakatso
  18. human resource or nursing

    posted by nolwazi
  19. what can I be when I grow up when I'm doing tourism and business study and economic and maths

    posted by Carol Mason
  20. am going to be an resort management

    posted by itumeleng

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