"The Great Rot Hunt" - Are these right.
1. The traps that Father set did not work because they were (d.) not set correctly. 2. The narrator retionalizes killing the rat by comparing it to a (c.) deer.
3. The narrator realizes that, to his father, success in sports is (d.) a sign of a strong and healthy body.
4. The father runs away from the rat because he (d.) cannot bring himself to kill it.
5. Something that is in perpetual motion moves (c.) slowly.
6. An improvised plan would be put together in (c.) secrecy.
7. The ravage of a storm refers to (b.) destruction.
8. Someone who speaks brusquely might be considered (c.) rude.
9. In a city, a barricade would most likely be used to (a.) block a street.

perpetual motion is non-stop movement...not necessarily slow.

improvised means made up on the spot... not secrecy.

Improvised means made up on the spot...not secrecy. Would the answer then be haste or silence? Thanks.

Haste. Silence is not necessary for improvising a plan.

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