What is the side length of a square with an area of 144x²?
C.±12x solution

I think it is C...?

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  1. I would also go with C because:

    (-12x)(-12x) = 144x^2
    (12x)(12x) = 144x^2

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  2. Thank you...

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  3. It was wrong - it was B...thanks anyhow

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  4. You've got me stumped on this one too. I hope you understand why it's option B because I have no idea.

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  5. The square root of 144x is 12x

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  6. You are WRONG.

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  7. Cassie,
    It is C unless the domain of x is restricted to positive values. In that case it is B.
    The computer or teacher is incorrect based on the information shown here. Why? Well if x =-1, Choice B gives us side= 12*(-1) which is -12. A square cannot have a length of -12. Therefore we’d use -12x for negative values of x.
    So it’s not a properly worded question which has led to all the confusion.

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