Bret Harte "Plain Language from Truthful James"

1. What was the major theme in this poem?

2. What can we learn from the characters in the poem about the people of this time period.

3. What lesson can be learned from the plot if this poem.

4. What message was Hate trying to convey throught this work.

5. From reading this poem, do you think Harte was comfortable with the newly developed culture of the West? What was his reaction to America's expanding society versus it disappering frontier?

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asked by Anonymous
  1. Since no one has answered since you first posted this question, you can safely assume no one here has read this story.

    If you read these questions carefully, you'll see that all of them require YOUR OPINION and YOUR THOUGHTS about the story. You cannot write about what other people think. You must write about what YOU THINK about this story.

    And that prompts this question from me: Have you read the story?

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    posted by Writeacher

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