algebra final, please help



The solution set is (x )?

Use at least one inequality or compound inequality to express your answer. For answers with more than one inequality, separate the inequalities by a comma or the word 'or'. Type R is the answer is all real numbers. Type N if there is no solution.

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asked by Becky
  1. Goodness. To be greater than zero, all () have to be positive, or two negative.

    If x>-17, the first is postive, the second negative until x>20, and the third is negative until x>-8.

    So the solution for this parenthesis is x is >-17 and less than -8.

    Try the other two, we will be happy to critique yourthinking.

  2. This is what I came up with for a final answer

    {x straight up and down line-17<x<-8 or x>20}

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    posted by Becky

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