Hello. Please help me with the use of the word "judge". The dictionary defines one of its meaning as "to criticize", but somehow I feel it does not suit the following contex or am I wrong?
"The Russian parliament yesterday adopted an anti-gay law. The EU has already judged (?) this law because the West sees it as a violation of human rights" .
I think the proper word is "criticized" or "condemned", but do you thik it's possible to use "judge" in the context (to my mind, it doesn't sound natural, but I may be wrong. Please help me.).
Thank you very much for your help.

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asked by Ilma
  1. I would not use "judged" in there. Use "condemned" instead.

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  2. To judge is to evaluate, with no negative or positive connotations beforehand.

    To evaluate critically, same thing.

    To criticize, carries an implicit negative presumption.

    In the case that you cite the violation of rights is obviously unfair and negative.

    The use of judged alone is still incomplete.. "judged to be a violation of human rights" .....

    The members of the EU have roundly criticized....

    Condemnation is an official action, arrived at by a vote, has the EU taken a vote on the matter?

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    posted by Ken

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