Working on a problem and can't figure out how the book rearranged this problem to get the following:

0.76= x/0.0200-x

then, the book rearranged to solve for x...

x= 0.0200 X 0.76/ 1.76

I don't understand how 1.76 was obtained? I see that you cross multiply to get 0.0200 X 0.76, but can't figure out how 1.76 was obtained...

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asked by Linda
  1. .76(.0200-x)=x
    +.76x +.76x (x add to .76x = 1.76x)


    (divide by 1.76 to solve for x)

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    posted by Lisa
  2. Thank you, but i'm still a little confused. I understand everything until the +.76x + .76x (x add to .76x=1.76x) Are you saying to add .76x + .76x then, take the sum of that and add to .0152? I still can't get the 1.76...

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    posted by Linda
  3. x+ .76x =1.76x

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    posted by Lisa

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