Calculus--complex numbers

let z= a+bi be a complex number.

it is given that the quotient (z-i)/(z-1) is purely imaginary.

show that z lies on a circle and determine the centre and radius of this circle.

OK, here's my working out...( i am using "X" as my times symbol)


step 2:

and i got stuck here...
i have checked the answer and the next step is: step 3:aa+bb-a-b=0

and the circle centres at (0.5,0.5)
radius is 1/root 2.

but i don't really get it. how to you get to step 3 from step 2 and how do you get the radius and the centre point of the circle from step 3??


P.S:i know this is looking pretty messy...sorry...

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  1. numerator
    a(a+bi-i) - 1(a+bi-i) -bi(a+bi-i)
    a^2 -a -ai + b^2 -b -bi + i
    if that is imaginary then the real part of the numerator
    a^2 - a + b^2 - b = 0 which is your step 3

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  2. if a circle then of form

    (a-h)^2 + (b-k)^2 = R^2 center at (h,k)
    (a-.5)^2 + (b-.5)^2 = ????
    a^2 -a +.25 +b^2 -b +.25 = ???
    BUT a^2-a +b^2-b = 0 step 3
    .25 + .25 = .5
    .5 = R^2 = 1/2
    so R = 1/sqrt 2

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  3. thank you so much!!

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  4. I don't quite get it. How can we substitute the values of h and k as .5 since we have to prove it first?

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