Physics HW, Help Please

A turtle ambles leisurely–as turtles tend to do–when it moves from a location with position vector r1,x = 1.53 m and r1,y = -2.25 m in a lettuce garden to another location, with position vector r2,x = 3.91 m and r2,y = -4.65 m, where the lettuce appears to be tastier (but really isn\'t–this turtle can\'t see too well). The excursion takes 5.99 minutes to complete. What are the components and the magnitude of the turtle's average velocity, in meters per second?

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  1. r2-r1 = ((3.91-1.53),(-4.65+2.25))
    = (2.38,-2.40)

    total travel: √(2.38^2 + 2.40^2) = 3.38m

    avg speed = distance/time = 3.38m/5.99min * 1min/60s = 0.0094 m/s

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  2. thank you!! =)

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