Animals Possess sensory powers that humans lack. Homing pigeons fly with great speed and accuracy when 1)___(e)d with messages to faraway places. How do Pigeons 2)___ themselves in unfamiliar regions? This remains something of a(n) 3)___. The mystery, however, is partly explained by a pigeon's ability to see ultraviolet light, Which reveals the sun's position even through clouds. In addition, pigeons can hear sound waves that have traveled hundreds of miles. These waves 4)___ a pigeon's sense of direction by indicting distant mountains and seas. Pigeons even appear to 5)___ changes in the earth's magnetic field. Bats have impressive 6)___s equally worthy of acclaim. As in tones higher than any human can hear and then locating prey by the returning echoes. Scorpions also 8)____ the night hunter. Tiny leg hairs enable them to feel vibrations in the sand made by a 9)___ insect as far as two feet away. People with knowledge of the pigeon, bat, and scorpion can 10)___ to the fact that such "inventions" as a magnetic compass, radar, and the motions detector are nothing new.

1. dispatch
2. orient
3. enigma
4. enhance
5. discern
6. attribute
7. nocturnal
8. exemplify
9. mobile

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  1. All are correct.

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  2. thank you god bless

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  3. You're welcome.

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  4. Thank you!! GOD BLESS U!!

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  5. thanks for helping me, who knew this would be helping people 8 ys after it was posted lol.

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