"Smoking causes drastic changes in the _______ system, which is responsible for converting foods into the nutrients the body needs to survive."

This is a question on a health crossword puzzle given to me by my teacher. Problem is, I know nothing about this "system" and have no other way to look it up. What goes in the blank?

How many letters are in it and are any of the letters already "inserted" into it?

There are 9 letters in it, and the second letter is "i".

go to google and type in " what system does smoking make drastic changes in?"

Thanks!! :)


The system that "is responsible for converting foods into the nutrients the body needs to survive" is the digestive system.

I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

what happens when you eat too much

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asked by Caley
  1. no way, i have this exact same puzzle! im working on it right now for summer school. i've got all but 8 down, 7 across, 17 across, and 18 across!

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    posted by kristy
  2. Nicotine causes the blood vessels to constrict, which may increase your blood pressure.

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    posted by Rhema
  3. Digestion

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    posted by Tiffiny
  4. Xyhfhcvhgdhn

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  5. Im doing this too!

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    posted by Adam
  6. I’m doing this to my teacher Ms. Stevens gave it to us for homework.

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    posted by Alex
  7. wow this is usefull

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    posted by robyn

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