I tried solving these problems and get stuck . Can you please tell me what am I suppose to do next or did I do them all wrong

1. (x+5)^2 = (x+4)^2
√(x+5)^2 = √(x+4)^2
x+5 = x+4

2. (4x+7)^2 = 144
√(4x+7)^2 = √144
4x+7 = 12

3. (x-5)^2 = 30
√(x-5)^2 = √30
x-5 = ??

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  1. for #1, you also have to consider

    x+5 = -(x+4)
    2x = -9
    x = -9/2

    #2: 4x+7 = ±12
    x = 5/4 or -19/4

    #3: x-5 = ±√30
    x = 5 ± √30

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  2. for #1, where did you get the negative for - ( x+ 4 )

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