Frequent intense stress in children over long periods of time can?

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  1. can contribute to many psychological disorders. Doctors think it also can lead to physical problems, such as chest pain, headaches, and upset stomach. Researchers suspect that, over time, high stress levels can contribute to more serious illnesses, such as high blood pressure and heart disease. They also suspect that chronic stress may suppress the immune system, the body's natural defense against infection, leaving people more prone to illness, perhaps even to some forms of cancer.

    Read more: Stress-Related Illness - body, last, causes http://www.humanillnesses.com/original/Se-Sy/Stress-Related-Illness.html


  2. Create major problems.

    What are your choices?

  3. The child development checklist is an observation to that A, omits references to children emotions B, focuses on sequences of child development. C, can only used by one observer for same child. D, includes space to record non- objective data

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  4. I think is D

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  5. Did you get the answer to your first question?

    To which child development checklist are you referring?

  6. No

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