School is the only common institution where all students can be touched about tolerance .
i need help finding nfo on this

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  1. Some of these sites may help you.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. I don't agree with the statement. The message of tolerance can and does come through the media. Not all children attend school.

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  3. I also disagree with that statement. Teaching tolerance begins with the examples set by parents and by how parents respond to intolerance.

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  4. I don't agree either. I found many teachers and administrators intolerant of children out of the mainstream, or had family lifestyles that were out of the mainstream. Often these are clouded in the term "disruptive". I remember a teen I taught years ago who shaved her head into a mohawk, died pink. She was expelled. That is hardly tolerant, she was a good was odd behaviour her wearing a dog collar, but not something that couldn't be tolerated.
    I agree with GuruBlue on the role of family.

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