I mean seeing professors to get help.

Yes. Frankly I think it is a good idea to go to each one and introduce yourself if you have not done so. A very short social visit (short meaning a couple of minutes).
Now for help. Yes go see them, you may not get the help you seek, but that is the only way you will know.

Most professors will have office hours set aside for helping students. My professors always put that information in the sillabus.
Yes, going to see them is a good idea. You can learn a lot about the direction the professor intends the class to take, and you will be able to observe the type of person you are writing papers for.

Another important thing happens when you introduce yourself to your profs and/or go to them when you have questions or problems -- they start to see you as a person, not just another body in class. They begin to understand what YOU want to get out of the class.

It's quite advantageous for you to do so.


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asked by deek

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