AP U.S. History

which of the following best describes the situation of freedmen in the decade following the Civil War?

A)Each was given 40 acres of land and a mule by the Union government
B)All were immediately granted political equality by the Emancipation Proclamation
C)The majority entered sharecropping arrangements with former masters or other nearby planters
D)They were required to pass a literacy test before being granted United States citzenship
E)They supported the passage of Black Codes to ensure their economic and political rights.

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  1. If the uninformed opinion of a vacationing physicist is of any help, then C)

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  2. The most important need of the freed slaves was to make a living. Which of your choices enabled them to do that immediately after they were freed?

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    Ms. Sue
  3. These sites will give you that information. After you have decided, please repost and we will give you further feedback



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  4. the answer is c.

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