Daniel can plant an acre of corn in 6 hours. Working with Amanda, they can plant an acre of corn in 2 hours. How long would it take in hours for Amanda to plant an acre of corn by herself?

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asked by MAnny
  1. in six hours, they plant three acres (an acre each 2 hrs). But in those six hours, Dan planted one acre, so Amanda, the speedster, must have planted 5 acres.

    Amanda rate 5 acres/6hrs or 5/6 acre/hr

    so, her time for one acre is 6/5 hour.

  2. Where did the 5 come from? Amanda planted 2 acres, while Dan planted 1.

    1/2 = 1/A + 1/6
    A = 3

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    posted by Steve
  3. You are right, I need to wear glasses at my computer.

    In those six hours, Dan planted one acre, so Amanda planted two.

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