i thought you were a helping site please help i read my lessons but i just coulnd answer some questions. help please i need to pass this test, i would really appreciate it your time. im new to this site

asked by Fred
  1. Post those question you are having trouble with on this site and one of the tutors should answer your question.

    posted by James
  2. Yes, Fred, Jiskha is a homework HELP site. We volunteer to help students who show some effort to help themselves.

    However, you posted about 36 multiple choice questions about literature, and gave no indication of your thinking about the answers.

    Read your lessons -- and read them two or three more times. You can also look up "lucrative" in a dictionary to find its meaning.

    If you can't answer most of these questions, you don't deserve to pass these classes.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  3. Ms. Sue.. can you answer my Q's... I'm in no rush, but I need this done before August 20... I just need to get it done early and correctly, and enjoy the rest of my summer!

    posted by IB student
  4. Fred,

    Ms. Sue is right. No one here will give you all the answers, but we will be happy to check what YOU THINK the answers are.

    One thing that may be affecting your ability to work on this -- jamming all those questions in to one or two posts. If you divide them into groups of five or six questions, then post what you think the answers are for those questions before going on to the next small group, you'll find all this easier to deal with.

    And don't tell us it's an emergency or that you have to have this done by midnight tonight or anything like that. Remember that we are here to help you with your reading and comprehension and thinking, not dealing with last-minute "emergencies"!!

    posted by Writeacher

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