Writeacher, I urgently need you to check these sentences, though I believe they don't make sense.
Although I'm not a mechanic, I don't think the use of scientific English is correct.

1) I would like to focus on a kind of technology which is used to increase the efficiency and drivability of high performance motorcycles called crossplane crankshaft.
2) It was first introduced in 2004 world championship race season and it offers the riders more linear power control.
3) When an engine produces torque, it is actually producing what engineers refer to as “composite torque”, which is a combination of the torque produced by combustion, and the inertial torque resulting from this revolutionary crankshaft.
4) The level of combustion torque is both proportionate to and also a direct result of the rider’s throttle input. The inertial torque is produced in direct relation to the changes in inertial force caused by this new type crankshaft.

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