I need to write the expression of the sculpture Seated Jain Tirthankara, and then list 4 characteristics.
I said the expression looks relaxed.. (am i right?) And i don't know how to describe his face exactly please help

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    Please read the write-up very carefully and let me know how you will describe this. "Relaxed" is not bad, but it's not quite accurate either.

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  2. Im not sure i mean im suppose to go by his facial expression, and since hes meditating i thought it would be relaxed since his face looks calm

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  3. Yes, and you need to find a way to include "meditating" in your description.

    Are his eyes open or closed?

    Is he smiling or not?

    What else???

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  4. eyes closed, and a soft smile it looks like.

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  5. Or no expression at all. He's meditating. What does one look like while meditating?

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