I left out the following statements. Thank you very much, Ms. Sue

1) The researchers in a group led by Paro, crossed the files of six generations. Thanks to this experiment, they were able to prove the temperature treatment changes the eye of colour of this specific strain of fly and that the treated individual flies pass on the change to their offspring over several generations.
2) However, the DNA sequence for the gene responsible for eye colour was proven to remain the same for white-eyed parents and red-eyed offspring.
3)For Paro, epigenetic mechanisms form an additional, paramount level of information to the genetic information of DNA.
4) Today we know that the genetic changes occur thanks histones, a kind of packaging material for the DNA. It is now clear that these proteins have an important roles to play.
5) Depending on chemical group they carry, if they are acetylated or methylated, they permenently activate or disactivate genes.
6) Epigenetics marks, such as the modifications of the histones, are also important for the specialisation of the body’s cells. They are preserved during cell division and are passed on to the daughter cells.
7) Paro’s group is researching this cell memory. It is still unclear how the epigenetic markers are passed on to the daughter cells.
8) During cell dicision, the DNA is doubled, which requires the histones to break apart. The question is therefore how cellular memory encoded by epigenetic mechanisms survives cell division. However, he still does not believe Darwin’s theory of evolution is put into question by the evidence of epigenetics research. “ Darwin was 100 percent right”, Paro emphasises. For him, epigenetics complement Darwin’s theory.
9) In his view, new characteristics are generated and passed on way epigenetics, subject to the same mechanisms of evolution as those with a purely genetic origin.

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  1. 1) changes the eye colour

    8) During cell dicision -- division?

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    Ms. Sue

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