a cb radio station c is located 3 mi from the interstate highway h. the station has a range of 6.1 mi in all directions from the station. if the interstate is along a straight line, how many miles of highway are in the range of this staion?

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  1. the miles of reception would be the length of the chord as the highway cuts through the circle of reception.
    I see a right-angled triangle, with a hypotenuse of 6.1 (radius of the circle) , a side of 3 (highway is 3 miles from station) and a third side of x
    x^2 + 3^2 = 6.1^2
    x = √28.21
    = 5.311

    so the length of the chord (miles of reception) is 2(5.311) or 10.62 miles.

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  2. A recipe calls for 3 3/4 cups of flour. How much flour is needed to make 1/2 the recipe?

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