Car A has a mass of 1000kg and a speed of 60km/h, and car b has a mass of 2000kg and a speed of 30km/h. what is the ratio of kinetic energy of car A to that of car b?

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  1. KE1 = m1•v1²/2,
    KE2 = m2•v2²/2,
    KE1/ KE2 = m1•v1²/ m2•v2²,
    m1=1000 kg, v1 = 60000/3600 m/s,
    m2=2000 kg, v2 = 30000/3600 m/s

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  2. KE1= M1.v1'2/2
    KE2= M2V2'2/2

    KE1= [(1000kg)(277.89m'2/s'2)/2]
    = 138944.45J
    KE2= [(2000kg) (69.3889'2/s'2)/2]
    = 69388.9J
    KE1/KE2= 138944.45J/69388.9J


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