I still have a few doubts on sentences you checked yesterday.

1) I did/had/went for an interview. (Is "do" possible?)
2) I've just taken (done is a mistake) a grammar test.
3) I've just been tested orally in English.
4) I haven't taken an oral English test yet.

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asked by Matthew
  1. 1. The verb do/did is not usually used with "interview" -- I think because it's unclear. If you did an interview, did you interview someone? Or did someone interview you??

    Better to say/write one of these:
    I had an interview...
    I went for an interview ...
    I conducted an interview ...
    I interviewed the applicant ...


    2. Use "taken" -- "done" is not usually used in this way.


    3. and 4. are fine.

    posted by Writeacher

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