Allegra's favorite ride at the Barrel-O-Fun Amusement Park is the Flying Umbrella, which is lifted by a hydraulic jack. The operator activates the ride by applying a forcce of 72 N to a 3.0-cm-wide cylindrical piston, which holds the 20000. N ride off the ground. What is the diameter of the piston that holds the ride?

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  1. Is it 32.57 cm?

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  2. pressure1=pressure2


    diameter2= sqrt(force2/force1) * diameter1
    = sqrt (20,000/72)* 3cm
    = a little over 60cm

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  3. thanx!!

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  4. When I solve this problem, I get 32.58.

    I am pretty sure you got the answer correct - not BOBPURSELY.

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    pressure1 = pressure2
    force1/area1 = force2/area2

    72/3 = 20,000/x
    24x = 20,000
    x(area) = 833.3333333333

    we have the area, but the question asks for the diameter.
    area = PI * r^2
    833.3 = PI * r^2
    r = 16.29 cm

    diameter = 2r
    16.29 * 2 = __32.58176 cm__

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