language arts

choose two phrases to form a sentence that correctly uses a word.

a. forbearance is
b. fervor is
c. a belief that one cannot make mistakes
d. a willingness to live and let live

I think it is b and d, am I right?

asked by SoccerStar
  1. Look up the meanings of "forbearance" and "fervor" -

    Re-think this.

    posted by Writeacher
  2. Well, now I'm thinking that it is a and c... forbearance can also mean: To hold back; to keep from doing or saying something. So would that imply one could not make mistakes?

    posted by SoccerStar
  3. The best choice, in my opinion, is a and d, but b and c would be possible under some circumstances.

    posted by Writeacher
  4. Oh yeah, that makes much more sense! Thank you!

    posted by SoccerStar
  5. You're welcome!

    posted by Writeacher
  6. Hi, I am un secretary official, Ban ki moon.
    It's answer is b,d.

    posted by ¹Ý±â¹®

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