writing(for ms.sue)

what should i put that would happen if the students were no longer together...(no more racially diverse classrooms)

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asked by patty
  1. If the students were segregated and there were no more racially diverse classrooms, the black and white students wouldn't get to know and understand each other. They'd only see their world as only one color and know only one way of doing things. As you said earlier, they'd probably grow up stereotyping the other race. And -- the African-American kids would probably be handicapped by having inferior supplies and inadequately maintained school buildings.

    On a personal note, I've always been terribly bothered by how races are defined anyway. Historically, a person with one black grandmother was considered "black." How can that be when he has thre white grandparents? And does it make any difference anyway?
    Why does anyone care where our ancestors came from?

    Children can't learn about the greatness of the United States and our declarations of freedom and liberty if their classrooms are racially segregated.

  2. wow...u make such a great point..thank you very much

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    posted by patty
  3. You're very welcome. :-)

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