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hi I am learning about Hydrocarbons, and naming them is there any steps I shoul follow when naming them becuase I honeslty don't understand! thanks for your help!!!1

First of all you should know that rules govern the IUPAC system. I would learn that system since everyone is moving toward that although many trivial names still exist. Look in your text for the rules of naming alkanes, alkenes, and alkynes. Alkanes are those hydrocarbons that are saturated, alkenes have a double bond, and alkynes have a triple bond. Second, the IUPAC system can take up a book so concentrate on naming the simplest compounds at first. After reviewing your text and class notes, go to and type in nomenclature of hydrocarbons. The second reference listed does a good job of explaning how to name the alkanes, alkenes, and alkynes. There is a lot of memory work involved. Good luck. If you have a question about a specific compound, please post the compound (its hard to do on the internet) and tell us what you don't understand about the naming; i.e., specifically (not general) why you don't know how to proceed. I hope this gets you started.

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