Catering(Gourmet Essentials)

1. In the dining room brigade system, the positions of maitre
d’hôtel and/or captain may be combined under the title of
A. communard. C. chef de salle.
B. boulanger. D. sommelier.

2. Rachel and Mark are discussing the requirements of a
healthy diet. Rachel says that essential amino acids come
from a mix of complete and incomplete proteins. Mark says
only complete proteins can provide amino acids to the body.
Who is correct?
A. Rachel is correct.
B. Mark is correct.
C. Both Rachel and Mark are correct.
D. Neither Rachel nor Mark is correct.
3. Which one of the following combinations includes one or more sources of complete
A. Tofu and rice C. Beans and pasta
B. Fish and rice D. Hummus and tofu

4. A chef is preparing a roasted meat, and wants to ensure that the meat will be nicely
browned and full of flavor and aroma. Which of the following will need to occur to get
these results?
A. Caramelization C. Maillard reaction
B. Poaching D. Conduction

5. In a cooking context, which of the following materials is the best heat conductor?
A. Gas
B. Iron
C. Ceramic
D. Any dense liquid
6. The four sources of calories are
A. carbohydrates, fiber, fat, and cholesterol.
B. carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and vitamins.
C. carbohydrates, fats, sugars, and cholesterol.
D. carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and alcohol.

7. Which of the following is an advantage of microwave cooking?
A. It browns food more quickly than a conventional oven.
B. It’s more efficient for cooking large batches of food.
C. It heats foods with a high fat content more quickly.
D. It’s the best method when metal dishes are being used.

8. George and Maria are discussing the odds of becoming sick from a food-borne illness.
George says that the majority of microorganisms are helpful or harmless and only a
small percentage are harmful. Maria disagrees and says that all microorganisms are
harmful if we come in contact with them. Who is correct?
A. George is correct.
B. Maria is correct.
C. Both George and Maria are correct.
D. Neither George nor Maria is correct.

9. If you became ill because workers at your favorite restaurant failed to practice proper
hygiene procedures, the illness would most likely be due to which of the following?
A. Fungi C. Parasites
B. Viruses D. Bacteria
10. Elizabeth and Carlos are chefs at a local restaurant. Elizabeth says that meat and poultry
should be stored at a lower temperature than eggs. Carlos says that produce
should be stored at a higher temperature than dairy products. Who is correct?
A. Elizabeth is correct.
B. Carlos is correct.
C. Both Elizabeth and Carlos are correct.
D. Neither Elizabeth nor Carlos is correct.

11. You work in the kitchen brigade system and your day-to-day responsibilities include
hot appetizers, soups, pastas, and egg dishes. Your title is most likely
A. communard. C. sous chef.
B. vegetable chef. D. expediter.

12. Which of the following would be an example of mechanical convection?
A. Cooking steaks on a charcoal grill
B. Stirring a thick soup on a stovetop
C. Baking a cake in a glass baking dish
D. Popping a bag of popcorn in the microwave

13. When an egg cooks, the egg white changes from a transparent fluid to an opaque solid
in a process known as
A. caramelization.
B. gelatinization.
C. thickening.
D. coagulation.

14. To make an oil-and-water vinaigrette stable, you could add
A. shallots. C. mustard.
B. herbs. D. salt.

15. Marcy has just returned from a doctor’s visit, where she learned she has a calcium deficiency.
She’s worried about developing osteoporosis, so she decides to add yogurt and
milk to her diet. Her husband, Scott, says she should add broccoli and leafy greens to
her diet. Who is correct?
A. Marcy is correct.
B. Scott is correct.
C. Both Marcy and Scott are correct.
D. Neither Marcy nor Scott is correct.

16. Imagine that you’re frying or deep frying. With respect to fatty cooking fluids, the
smoke point will be highest in
A. a pure vegetable oil. C. a reused vegetable oil.
B. liquefied lard. D. bacon grease.

17. Which of the following is the best method for thawing frozen food?
A. At room temperature C. In the microwave
B. Under refrigeration D. Under running water

18. Because you’re aware of the temperature danger zone, you would discard any food
that has been held at 120°F for more than _______ hours.
A. six C. three
B. four D. two

19. According to information offered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, an ideal daily
calorie intake might consist of
A. protein 27%; carbohydrates 59%; fats 14%.
B. protein 55%; carbohydrates 20%; fats 25%.
C. protein 34%; carbohydrates 48%; fats 18%.
D. protein 14%; carbohydrates 58%; fats 28%.
20. Which of the following is the first thing to occur when sugar is exposed to heat?
A. The sugar melts into a thick syrup.
B. The sugar takes on the texture of caramel.
C. The sugar changes color from clear to brown.
D. The sugar caramelizes and turns to a deep brown color.

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  1. No one here is going to take your test for you. If you indicate what YOU THINK the answers are, someone here might be able to check them for you, though.

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  2. Can someone please check my answers.


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