Will I get a conditional offer to McMaster in the first round?

The following is the admission for Commerce I to McMaster:

"Grade 12 U/M course requirements:

* English U
* Advanced Functions 4U
* One of: Calculus & Vectors 4U or Mathematics of Data Management 4U

(additional credits to total 6)

The anticipated cut-off range for September 2008 is 80-82%."

Here are my marks for the first semester and the first round of conditional offers will occur in mid-February.


Advance Functions - 99%
Data Management - 91%
Religion - 75%
English - 68%
Overall Mark - 83.25%

asked by Anonymous
  1. Have you averaged your marks? Do you make the 80-82% anticipated cut-off?

    No one here can really answer your question, though. Only the people at the school you've applied to can do that.

    We wish you great good luck!


    posted by Writeacher
  2. looking at your course selections and average, why do you have a question about admission to Mac's?
    Their cut-off is below your average.

    I assume you are referring to McMaster in Hamilton, Ontario? I live 40 minutes from there.

    With your high marks in math, why would you not consider the University of Waterloo, one of the top universities in North America in that field.
    I know that UofW has had cut-offs of over 90%, but it is worth a try.

    posted by Reiny

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