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Write the adjectives and adverbs in the following sentences. Indicate whether each is an adjective or an adverb, and identify the word or words it modifies. You do not need to include articles.

1. If you seriously plan to climb Mt. Everest, you should hire plenty of hardy Sherpa guides.

seriously - adv. - plan
hardy - adj. - guides
Sherpa - adj. - guides

2. From the earliest climbing expeditions, robust, skillful Sherpas have played an essential role.

earliest - adj. - expeditions
climbing - adj. - expeditions
robust - adj. - Sherpas
skillful - adj. - Sherpas
essential - adj. - role

3. The first humans to reach the summit of the world's highest mountain were the New Zealander Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Nor, a Sherpa.

first - adj. - humans
highest - adj. - mountain
New Zealander - adj. - Edmund Hillary

4. The Sherpa Ang Rita proudly holds the extraordinary record of ten successful summit attempts.

Sherpa - adj. - Ang Rita
proudly - adv. - holds
extraordinary - adj. - record
ten - adj. - attempts
successful - adj.- attempts
summit - adj. - attempts

5. Initially, the Sherpa were simple herders who migrated from eastern Tibet to Nepal about 600 years ago.

initially - adv. - ????
simple - adj. - herders
eastern - adj. - Tibet
600 - adj. - years

6. Their villages are among the loftiest human habitations, and they breathe easily at extremely high elevations.

loftiest - adj. - habitations
human - adj. - habitations
easily - adv. - breathe
extremely - adv. - high
high - adj. - elevations

7. Puzzled biologists theroize that the Sherpa's ability to live high in the Himalayas is genetic.

puzzled - adj. - biologists

8. Apparently, the Sherpa's blood carries oxygen more efficiently than that of most people.

apparently - adv. - ???
efficiently - adv. - more
most - adj. - people

9. Sherpa have paid a high price for their undaunted courage in accompanying adventure treks up Everest.

high - adj. - price
undaunted - adj. - courage
accompanying - adj. - adventure
adventure - adj. - treks

10. In the last 70 years, more than one-third of the lives the perilous mountain has claimed have been unlucky Sherpa climbers.

70 - adj. - years
perilous - adj. - mountain
unlucky - adj. - climbers
Sherpa - adj. - climbers

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  1. 1. right
    2. right
    3. incorrect; "New Zealander" and "Edmund Hillary" are appositives; also, the word "world's" is a possessive noun being used as an adjective, but I don't know if you teacher wants you to include possessives.
    4. all OK except the first pair; they are appositives
    5. all OK; "initially" modifies the main verb
    6. all OK; I'd also add "their" which is a possessive pronoun modifying "villages"
    7. The one you listed is right, but you're missing three others.
    8. "Apparently" modifies the main verb; you've missed "more" and "efficiently" and you've missed "Sherpa's" (possessive noun modifying ___)
    9. all OK except "accompanying" -- it's a gerund in this sentence.
    10. OK, except that you've missed two: "last" and "more."

    Overall, quite good. Just a few to smoothe out!

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  2. is ten nad adjective or an adverb

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