African Amer. Study

Who's rebellion came first?

Gabriel,Nat Turner,Denmark Vesey or Charles Deslande.

I choose Nat Turner for 1, Charles Deslande for 3, Denmark Vesey for 2,and Gabriel for 4.

My teacher marked it all wrong. What did I do wrong?

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asked by Mack

  2. The rebellion dates that I found were: 1800, 1822, 1831, and after 1831. Using the links posted by Writeacher, I'm sure you can find the right dates for each person and rebellion.

  3. The first rebellion was Gabriel in 1800.

    2nd was Charles Deslande in 1811.

    3rd was Denmark Vesey in 1822.

    And 4th was Nat Turner in 1831.

    Thank you. That's correct right?

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    posted by Mack
  4. Yes. Those dates are correct.

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