I'm very grateful for all your help and attention.
I've already asked a similar question but there are so many tenses in English that sometimes it's difficult to see the difference. Please help me to choose the correct structures (maybe all of them are OK? If yes, please write a few words to explain the difference):
1)The context: something has happened, and the press secretary says: "The mayor will comment / will be commenting / is commenting on the situation this evening."
2)The same context, but with the exact time (will this change the tense?): "The mayor will comment / will be commenting / is commenting on the situation at 1 PM"
Thank you very, very much for your advice.

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asked by Ilma
  1. 1 and 2. All three in each sentence will work fine; they are pretty much interchangeable in this context.

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    posted by Writeacher

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