spanish/check please

Describe a typical day in your life from beginning to end eight different( (reflexive verbs).give time you do each of those activities as well.

1-Yo me levanto a las seis de la manana.
2-Entonces me lavo la cara a las seis y cuarto.

3-Depues de que me pongo la ropa a las seis y media.

4-Entonces me peino la cabeza y me lavo los dientes a la sietee en punto.

5- Yo me bano a las ocho y media depues de terminar la tarea.

6-Entonces me seco de la ducha a las nueve en punto.

7-Me acuesto temprano, a las nueve y media
8-Finalmente me duermo a las diez en punto siempre.


asked by nick
  1. I emailed this to SraJMcGinn.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. Please don't forget the necessary accents. If you don't know how to do them, we need to know 2 things>
    1. Do you have a PC or a Mac and 2. Do you have Windows or not?

    1. mañana
    3. There are 2 separate parts of speech: después de = preposition and the adverb that you need here = Después, me pongo la ropa, etc.
    4. Me peino (that's enough for I comb my hair...check spelling of "siete"
    5. Yo me baño...después

    Everything else is ¡perfecto!


    posted by SraJMcGin

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