During an all-night cram session, a student heats up a 0.451 liter (0.451 x 10- 3 m3) glass (Pyrex) beaker of cold coffee. Initially, the temperature is 19.5 °C, and the beaker is filled to the brim. A short time later when the student returns, the temperature has risen to 96.3 °C. The coefficient of volume expansion of coffee is the same as that of water. How much coffee (in cubic meters) has spilled out of the beaker?

I know that the amount of coffee that spills out you calculate the volume change of the beaker, but how do i solve it.

Set up your equation:

coefficient of expansion = (1/V) x (change in volume)/(change in temp)

So, you know everything and can plug them in: you now the coefficient of expansion, you know the initial volume, you know the change in temperature, so yo can calculate the change in volume.

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  1. what is the variable 1/v?

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