what is true about the dangerous game? A.whitney"s tale ship-trap island foreshadow danger.
B.that fact that rainsford smokes a pipe foreshadows his death.
C.that fact that ivan does not speak foreshadows the story of ivans youth.
D.rainsford consturction of traps foreshadows that he is an expert hunter.

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  1. Are you clear on the meaning of "foreshadow" in literature?


    Once you're clear on the meaning, which of these four can you immediately cross off the list? Which one makes sense in the OVERALL development/meaning of the story?

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  2. Ty!

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  3. YW!!

    That's a general strategy to use with any multiple choice question.
    1. Make sure you are crystal-clear on every word in the question and the answer choices.
    2. Then cross off any that are obviously WAY off-base.
    3. Finally, consider the rest very carefully.


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