I have to study for a HUGE science test tommorrow, but I don't know how to study! I've reviewed my notes, re-read the chapter in my book, and learned all the vocab, but I'm still a little shaky. I'm not sure how else to study, though, so if you have any good ways to study, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Thanks. (:

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  1. If all your studying has been inside your head (silent reading, etc.), you should practice all those same things IN WRITING. After all, you'll need to WRITE when you take the test, correct?

    Review your notes again, and WRITE down what you believe the main ideas are AND in the form of answers to questions your teacher may ask.

    Reread the chapter again, but WRITE out the main points and everything that's printed in bold or a different color or anything that's different from the regular text. If there are vocabulary words, write out the definitions.

    Even better would be for you to say all these things ALOUD as you WRITE them. In these ways, you get more than just the sense of sight involved. The more of the five senses you can involve in your studying, be more likely it is that you'll grasp the concepts and do well on tests.

    Here are additional places where you can find study and test-taking strategies:

    (Broken Link Removed)


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