Social Studies

People may have reached the region that is now Louisiana about _________ years ago?
a. 6,000 d. 18,000
b. 12,000 e. 24,000

This is simply a stupid question. It is a very intensive field of investigation, yet no definitive answer is yet available. Currently there is some DNA evidence that the Americas were inhabited as far back as 20,000 years. For some teacher or text to try and get it down to the figures you are given here, all I can say is they are knotheads. certainly 6,000 is not enough and 24,00 is probably too much. I guess if you have to make a choice, go with 12,000 because Clovis NM at 13,000 still stands as the oldest proven in NA. Good luck!

This source says the first people reached Louisiana about 10,000 years ago. You may want to choose b. since it's the closest to this date.

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asked by Dylan
  1. Out of that nearly 7,000,000,000 people living on earth, about how many people have access to Internet

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