Vinegar (by Roger McGough) Poem for Roger McGough (by Adrian Henri)

sometimes A nun in a supermarket
i feel like a priest standing in the queue
in a fish and chips queue Wondering what it’s like
quietly thinking To buy groceries for two.
as the vinegar runs through (1967)
how nice it would be
to buy supper for two

1. What is the effect of letting a priest be the main character of this poem?
2. Message: what does Roger McGough want to express in his poem?
3. In what way can this poem be seen as a comment to Roger McGough’s poem?
4. What is the message of this poem?
5. Which of the two poems do you think is better and why?

asked by JK
  1. Someone here will be happy to check over what YOU THINK the answers are.

    posted by Writeacher

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