A rectangular garden with an area of 250 square meters is to be located next to a building and fenced on three sides, with the building acting as a fence on the fourth side. Let x be the length of the side parallel to the building.

1. Find T(x), the total amount of the fence needed to enclose the garden.

2. If the total amount of fencing needed is 60 meters, determine all possible dimensions of the garden.

I need help in figuring out exactly how to go about solving this problem because I don't know where to start.

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  1. Area= xW=250
    x= 250/W

    T= 2W + x
    T=2W+250/w =60
    solve for w, notice it will be a quadratic, and have two solutions.

  2. 2I-6U-A<A solve it for a message

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  3. X=5 , X+25

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    posted by Erika

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