im not completely sure im right with this question

a lawn spreader is pushed across a lawn by applying a force of 95N along the handle that makes an angle 60 degrees with the horizontal. a- what is the horiz. and vert. comp. of the force. b- when the handle is lowered to 30 degrees with the horiz., calc. the vert. and horiz. comp. of the force.

for a i got:
95 cos60 (which is -90.479)
95 sin60 (which is -28.957)

is that right?

and for b i got:
95 cos30 (which is 14.65)
95 sin30 (which is -93.86)

is that right?..

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  1. Those answers are incorrect. I think I know what you are doing wrong. Remember that the angles are in DEGREES, not radians. cos 60 is 0.500 and sin 60 is 0.86603. You have apparently been using a calculator that has been set to accept angles in radians, not degrees. Hand calculators usually have a button operation that lets you switch from degrees to radians when using the trig functions.

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