I urgently need to check the following statements concerning global warming.

1.I think it is important to protect our planet for the future generations.
2.We must respect the environment instead of polluting it.
3.I agree with Sophia that teenagers can change older people’s attitude, for example using electrical cars.
4.When older people die, the world will still be lived. (inhabited?)
5.Young people need to discuss global warming . I’m interested in global warming and I have already done activities close to this.
6.I wish we could use electrical cars to move around because they don’t harm (pollute) the environment.
7.We can recycle in our school and explain everyone how it is important to protect the earth.
8) We can change older people’s attitude talking to them about how to save the environment.It is important that older people understand that the environment is under threat. (It's important for them to understand'?)

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asked by Henry2
  1. 1. OK

    2. OK

    3. I'd say "electric" not "electrical."

    4. Use "inhabited."

    5. I don't understand "close to this."

    6. "electric"

    7. "...explain to everyone..."

    8. "...older people's attitudes by talking ..." -- <space between sentences> [wording in parentheses is OK].


    Be sure you're paying attention to this and make it clear exactly who the "older people" are in your sentences. That's a sweeping (hasty?) generalization, and generalizing is a weak part of any argument!

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