In explanatory writing what are spatial words. (vs. time order words)?

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asked by Cate
  1. spatial: left, right, ahead, behind, above, below, ....

    time order: before, after, first, second, ...

  2. notice there could be ambiguity in some: first, second, etc could describe time or spatial order, it would have to clarified, as...
    the first in the line was....the second was...

    The first to occur was...

  3. Bobpursley gave a good answer. Some words can fit into more than one category. To decide to which category the words belong, decide if the word answers the question WHEN (time) or WHERE (spatial).

    My car is FIRST in line (spatial)--tells WHERE your car is. My car is the FIRST one I bought by myself (TIME)--tells WHEN.

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