Please help me with this problem.

Two cars started from the same point and traveled on a straight course in
opposite directions for exactly 2 hours, at which time they were 208 miles
apart. If one car traveled, on average, 8 miles per hour faster than the other
car, what was the average speed for each car for the 2-hour trip?

Thank you.

asked by jen
  1. Never mind. I figured it out. :)

    But now I am stuck with this one. Please help!

    A group can charter a particular aircraft at a fixed total cost. If 36 people
    charter the aircraft rather than 40 people, then the cost per person is greater by
    $12. What is the cost per person if 40 people charter the aircraft?


    posted by jen
  2. How about simply...

    40x = 36(x+12)

    posted by Reiny

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