AP environmental Science

Can someone please explain what this means to me in english? i've read it a million times and i have no idea what it means. Thanks for any help!!!
"Scientific evidence shows a direct relationship between sea level and the global mean atomospheric temperature during the past century have been accompanied by a gradual increase in sea level is 3.0 mm/yr. Additional increases in sea level are expected during the next century as global mean atmospheric temperatures continue to rise. These increases in sea level will affect coastal ecosystems as well as human activity along coastal margins."
thank you!!

asked by Renee
  1. I think you've left a word or more out.

    Average temperatures in the atmosphere are related to the sea level. As the temperature rises, sea level goes up. The increases in sea level will raise the salt water level near the oceans.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. sometimes i wonder about my teacher, but that was word for word ^^ there are questions below it based upon the information, but that's it. Thank you for the explanation, i'll reread it with what you told me...hopefully it'll help.

    posted by Renee
  3. :-)

    posted by Ms. Sue

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