Prepare a schedule that lists the components of and calculates the personal and dependent exemption amount (based on current year exemption and dependency amount) that would be included on the Brock's individual tax return based on the following information:

The Brock's are married with three children: David, Jennifer and Ashley ages 17, 14 and 10, respectively.
The Brock's oldest child, David, has a part-time job that paid total wages of $3,500 for the year.
Jennifer was fortunate to participate in a program that allowed her to study abroad for 9 months of the tax year.
James Brock's father, William, lives year-around with the Brock's in an in-law apartment. William retired from a major defense contractor two years ago and receives a pension in the amount of $1,800 per month, collects Social Security benefits of $1,700 per month and has a part-time job at a local country club in their pro shop. William earns $9,000 during the nine months per year the pro shop is open.
The Brock's spend $350 each month in support of William. This support is limited to food and utilities. William spends $850 per month on medical expenses, clothing, and tuition for a community college where he is taking classes toward a degree in literature.
Pamela Brock is blind. She has a field of vision of 20 degrees. She has a full-time job.
The Brock's are in the process of adopting a child; however, the adoption process is not yet complete.

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