I need to write a poem for my English class. The thing is, I don't know how to write a good poem. I've read loads of poems, but I just don't know how to write a good poem.

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asked by mitch
  1. Here are some approaches for writing poetry.



    A couple of suggestions : 1) remember that poetry does not have to rhyme or have meter... Free verse works!
    2) Chose a topic you have strong feelings about... it doesn't have to be serious feelings, it can be humor.
    3) Take a piece of paper and jot down Words you think of when you think of that topic NOT sentences, just words.
    Then you can organize those words into your poem.

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  2. You received good advice from GuruBlue. HEre's an example of using that advice:
    Topic--Barbie Dolls
    Words to use--Barbie, cute, dresses, careers, fun
    Poem from those words--
    Barbie is fun
    She is cute and wears neat dresses
    Barbie shows me I can choose
    I can choose a career
    I can choose to have a fun career
    I can choose to wear neat clothes, too.

    This isn't a "good" poem, but it does fill the assignment parameters.

    You can also take a word and make a poem from that. Example:


    B is for the best she can be
    A is for all the careers she does
    R is for the really neat stuff she can do
    B is for bringing me ideas
    I is for what I can do now
    E is for everything she has shown me.

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