Gr10 Math

Charlene is looking into cell phone plans.
Cell plus gives unlimited minutes for $50/month.A1 Cell offers a $40 monthly fee, plus 5¢/min for any time over 300min oer month.

a)Define two variables and write a linear equation to represent the charges for each company.

b)Which plan should Charlene choose if she estimates that she will use her phone 10h per month? 6h per month?

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  1. cost+ = 50
    costA1= 40 + .05(Time-300)

    Lets find when the costs are the same: set them equal.


    T=500 min they are equal. So at 6hrs, 3600 min, the A1 is cheaper, at 10hr (600 min, the cost+ is cheaper).

    Your teacher is too easy.

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  2. We aren't supposed to solve the system so it confused me, but thank you for the answers.

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