Find the length of a side of a square whose perimeter and
area have the same value.

perimeter of a square is P=4s & the area of a square is A=s^2

asked by jaz
  1. so you know
    s^2 = 4s
    s^2 - 4s = 0
    s(s-4) = 0
    s = 0 or s=4

    So the side is 4 units

    area = 4^2 = 16
    per. = 4(4) = 16

    posted by Reiny
  2. Why did you stop? You were on the right track but forgot to make use of the most important piece of information given.

    The perimeter of a square of side "s" is P=4s.

    The area of the same square is A = s^2.

    Find the length of a side of a square whose perimeter and area have the same value.

    P = A = 4s = s^2

    Can you take it from here?

    posted by tchrwill

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